Thank You!

I’ve always kept complaining about little things in life.

Have you thought of saying thank you every once in a while?
Thought of laughing randomly for a while?

To showcase a smile during a difficult situation

Or just something new, a different creation.

I’ve always kept complaining and later contemplating

You know it’s like predominating.

For complaining is when you don’t get something

In a big life, a little bit of something.

We all feel some kind of lack. The need or want of getting something

If we look at it through a broader perspective life works beautifully without that one thing.

But when we don’t get it, we feel that we’ve lost everything

And then we can’t look around and see that we still have everything.

I feel that in this life that I’ve got if I just keep saying thank you

I might find a lot of real value.

Of every little thing that surrounds me as a blessing

A little feeling of possessing that leads to a lot of progressing!


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