Most of my troubles go away just by seeing me happy.

Travelling on that road wasn’t easy
It could have been turbulent instead of breezy.

But most of it was my choice

About how to enjoy the rain as well as the snow and ice.

My destination was quite far

I knew the journey could be sweet or sour.

But I knew how to enjoy that taste

I just knew nothing would go waste.

I know it’s not easy to smile with a strong heart always

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right ways.

Sometimes all you want to do is cry

Sometimes an “Alas!” is very difficult, it’s difficult to take a sigh.

But have you noticed what happens when you react with a smile

I was listening to my favorite music and I crossed the most difficult mile.

That’s exactly what happens when we find happiness within and go ahead

No matter how difficult the path actually is ahead.

More than half of our problems are our assumptions of scenarios that won’t happen

And sometimes a free and happy mind can stop something to really misshapen.


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