A Big Step!

Before every big decision I’ve taken a small break without much thought.

Making big things look small and making small things look great
Has been a helping hand in my life and specially fate.

You know like those wide angle cameras?

Something like those delicious samaras?

It’s like a little time to release all the stress

And to think and act before the quick attack of stress.

A little preparation for making a huge decision right

And now I truly know it’s not such a big fight.

If you’ve faced deals relating to a lot of money

You know how difficult it is to sign honey.

But in such situations take a day out with your spouse

To a scenic location, a hilltop, a boathouse.

Not even a day sometimes a few minutes do the work

And they get us out of the stressful murk.

A few moments of listening to music or singing

Can be a helping hand and a great new beginning.

It’s good to take a small break before a big decision

It rejuvenates your mind and sharpens your vision!


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