You probably just don’t understand how it feels.


No, tell me now, what has to be done?

Your games are unfair to me and this is not done.

It happens to be that, little things matter to me

And I really can’t help it, this is me.

I don’t think I’m missing you but, missing a part of me

You can’t take something away from me, without telling me.

I don’t care what your absence does to me

All I care about is, what you’re doing to me.

You are important to me, not that time or this day

This day is gonna pass any which way.

Why don’t I spend a little while with you?

Before you say, “Goodbye” and I say, “I love you”.

Stop playing those games with me, just condemn

I don’t learn anything after losing in them.

Yes, maybe this is complete oblivion and I’m insensible

But you are inexcusable and this decision today is indefensible.


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