Life is such a box of chocolates.

Have you seen these big chocolate boxes?

They look as attractive as antique candle sconces.

Some are sweet, some are sour

Some seem too delicious to stay far.

Some are also bitter in taste

They leave a rough and acerbic after taste.

Isn’t that exactly how life is…

Sometimes it’s acerb and sometimes it’s bliss.

We all forget to hold onto the good times

While we carry the after taste of bad times.

I’m not saying bitter is bad but it taught me a valuable lesson today

That in reality, in life’s way…

We don’t relish and enjoy the after tastes of good times instead we let them go

While if it’s bitter, the whole chocolate box is termed as a foe.

Life isn’t bad, it’s just has some difficult times

There is so much in life that is sublime.

Enjoy the sweet and sour rides and learn from the bitter ones too

For the chocolate box was given only to me and you!


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