There is so much to do in such a small life.


Isn’t life just too short to not enjoy it?

It has so many tiny things rightly fit.

A long hug and a slow kiss

Is definitely something I don’t want to miss.

A few lasting relationships, a firm handshake

A bread butter to share between many and mango shake.

Singing in the shower to dancing in the rain

Laughing aloud, like we were never sane.

Believing in miracles and having faith too

Is something so beautiful, it can just outdo.

The smiles on young faces and the innocent talks

The hand in hand stories, the long night walks.

The humming and whistling, the rustling of trees

The roaring of rivers and the buzzing of bees.

The learning after a good loss

The winning like a boss.

The art and the simplicity

The feeling of, “I love my city!”

There’s so much to give and so much to take

In this life that has just one final break.

A termination letter after a lot many seconds of breathtaking performances

The choices, sounds, silhouettes and chances.


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