I’m in love.


Have you ever felt how falling in love feels?

The feeling of “Head over Heels”?

Like you want to dance around and sway with broad smiles

You might just keep walking without direction for miles.

You don’t find frustration or pain or distress of any kind

Everything looks straight and nice, maybe that’s why love is blind.

You find happiness and you make it for others too

You’re positive in every way, you just want to take a shine to.

You imagine things, forgetting every real bit

All those love gestures of books and movies so easily fit.

Even fall looks beautiful, you want to dance in the rain

You want to live this day now and again.

You don’t want it to end, the feeling of sheer love

With loads of buttery chocolates, everything else up above.

Tell me have you felt, what I’m feeling right now?

I wish you really have felt it, somehow.

You know the everyday smiles and giggles of thoughts

And the expressions of love and the hides, the caughts.

The wrong language, the wrong paths, all wrongs that look right

All those pillows that you want to hold onto tight.

You want to know what happens when you fall in love?

Then hug yourself now, kiss that palm and feel the love.

For when you love yourself that’s everything that matters

Everything then becomes doable and beautiful, even the shatters.


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