Beginning Or End?

Do you see the finish line before starting the race?

I’ve always been a visionary, a dreamer

A speeder, a reader.

The girl who didn’t want a charming prince

Nor the one who dreamed of a large province.

But that girl who saw cars and Mars

And who saw the way to drive to Mars.

I’ve always seen that finish line and the journey to it

Even before the start I always wanted to see it.

Last night I saw a dream again

It was a simple joyful dance in the rain.

But that was the end of something I knew for sure

I wanted to see the begin, that I wanted to adore.

That dance was my achievement present

A gift that made my day so pleasant.

A gift for achieving something large

Extravagant for which I was in charge.

That is what I’m made of, my beginning is my end

The last step is somewhat my friend.

I want to walk and climb for I know how beautiful the hill top is

I love to start journeys for the destinations are a bliss.

Can you see the story before writing a word?

For that is the true start point for this world.


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