That pinch of authenticity was better than the fortune of fascination.


Have you dreamt of a castle?

Any dream without much hassle?

A fairy tale, a tall charming Prince

A pumpkin chariot or a bed inside a quince.

We all have dreams and imaginations

Our mind has some or the other creations.

I might imagine gardens while your vision is forests

I dream of chocolates and you may dream about conquests.

But today I found my perfect dream

My perfect chocolate cake with chantilly whipped cream.

And this dream was right below my feet

I just had to hit the first beat.

My reality and my existence was a better fantasy

Trust me for a while it hurt but later it was complete ecstasy.

I knew how to make my real world into my dreamland

I could see where I stood and where I wanted to stand.

When we dream or imagine, our thoughts want a better life

But when we live, we realize that we already have the best life.

I found my dreamland today

I’ll live with it everyday.


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