Personalize It!

I was thinking of making a gift for my dad today. A keepsake, a handmade, a useful little gift.


Dad always said, “Don’t gift a writer a pen or a book.

Would you gift chocolates to a cook?”

He’s always been an idol

Also always the most ideal.

He said, “A writer carries his magic along

He doesn’t require a book to hold it along.”

He said, “A chef’s magic is not in the cutlery, it is in his hands.”

He has made the most out of my life, he also understands.

For once today I felt, dad was a lot more difficult than mother

For, I would make my mom a special gift in one way or another.

However dad is a simple being with so much strength

That made me wonder at length.

Then I thought of what he always said

And that’s exactly where my mind lead.

Don’t buy a strong heart an armour.

Instead, buy them a soft pillow or a stirrer to stir.

For they know the best about which shaving cream to use

And we know the best about them and we can choose.

Today I know, how to choose the perfect gifts

A keepsake, a handmade, something that really uplifts.


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