I’m Tired!

No on a literal, sensible and sensitive note I’m really tired today.


So many times I feel I don’t want to write
And then I get caught between the argument of what’s wrong and what’s right?
My mind says, “You’re tired. Go to bed now.”
But my heart denies because I still feel like writing somehow.
Thoughts keep going around saying, your eyes are drowsy too
Yet it just seems, this is exactly what I want to do.
Even if I’m in my blanket on the bed
Or I’m in my study unsaid.
This is what releases my pain and balances my mind
This is what keeps me alive, it makes me kind.
My days might always be tiring, eyes might always be drowsy
But this is exactly what makes a gloomy day back to cloudy.
There can be a million excuses for not doing something
While I just want one reason to do this one thing.


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