“How about nail colour?” she asked.


For a person like me who looks for inner beauty

Colouring my nails was a very heavy duty.

For a few seconds, I stood there with a look of disgust

I felt like I had to compromise or adjust.

I had to do something I didn’t like

Within seconds I felt I was forced to do something I dislike.

I wasn’t ready for something that wasn’t even a challenge

I felt like all my energy had vanished; had vanished all my plunge.

This was the tiniest incident that made me realise of my comforts

Of how I feel when I have to shift to discomforts.

We start moving away from experimenting and trying on anything new itself

At least I feel like I’m not being myself.

Change is the only thing that is constant in our life

It’s us who make it into such a big strife.

I know now how to be positive for things I hate too

For there might be a slight reason that makes me love the new change too.


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