There had to be another door and if there wasn’t, I was definitely planning to build one.


Yes, maybe I was just dreaming

With open eyes probably. My eyes were gleaming.

Through a rugged surface I was trying to look at heaven

With just one vision in my eyes, I was aspiring twenty-four seven.

I was looking through a broken glass window

Waiting for another door to open, trying to build my own window.

I didn’t know my house was shattered and I could only get some pieces

To build my little window, I had a few broken glass pieces.

I didn’t mind that too at the start, my path was already tough.

I knew my hands would cut and pain in theΒ indented pieces rough.

I washed my hands in the rains that came through the broken windows

Or maybe the pain got washed as I was saving myself from the storm through those windows.

And they smashed all the more, making the rough going further hard

But I promised myself to be strong while everything was hard.

It was a pain to look at my dream with open eyes and jagged windows

Yet I stared at heaven, for someday from there, I would be looking at my windows.


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