“I don’t wait for an opportunity, I make one,” he said.


After I heard that, I wish I could think like that

I wouldn’t be left with anything else then, to combat.

I wouldn’t wait for anything to happen in life

I would make things happen myself, without much strife.

Then I thought why not?

It was such a brilliant thought.

To not wait for a perfect chance

To not sit and take a glance.

To make things happen right now, wherever I was

To hit the play button and move away from the pause.

To breathe every moment and feel extremely alive to each moment

To make every span, every second count, to live the ninety seconds of a moment.

Wasn’t that a marvellous notion?

A drop was giving rise to an ocean.

I was already feeling a change within me

I felt powers that I wanted to set free.

Do you too feel the same?

How about making an aim?

Building an opportunity, if we don’t have one knocking

Something in that remarkable remark was still quite remarking.


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