The Simple Route!

I just found the simple route.

The simple route.jpg

I’ve realised within much less time

That there are so many things in life that are sublime.

The most special gift that we’ve all got is time

Yet we leave the beauty aside to clean the grime.

I finally understood why so many complications came up

Like honestly, why did my single track mind just tangle up.

The only reason of my confusion were options

More than prevention these options became cautions.

More choices lead to more confusion and more ways

Until now, my car drove on one route all these days.

It was fun to drive then, to breathe, to inhale

Today I think I don’t even understand the moment I exhale.

It was so much simpler then, like a duty or responsibility

Success didn’t depend on different alternative availability.

I added options, I jumbled up and now I was picking life from it

But life was stable even without those, they couldn’t fit.

So the way to make wiser decisions was to choose

Because now I had absolutely nothing to lose.

Life has always been simple and she’s been beautiful

Put the makeup aside for it’s just unsuitable.


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