It always mattered.


I’ve received a lot of criticism

To a level, when someone really said, I had astigmatism.

And to a person like me, it always mattered

And not just that, with low acceptance power, I was always shattered.

No matter, where the criticism came from

No matter who the critic was and where he or she came from.

Every little drop of water seemed like an ocean

Most of that was demotion and some of it turned to be determination and devotion.

Yes, of course it was still difficult to deal with it

But this time instead of tearing my work to bits, I worked on it.

I mean when I started, I started with some hope

I was giving something life not to strangle it with a rope.

That too just because, someone else didn’t like it

But for me, it was just a perfect fit.

So that became not just a formula but a fact

Not just a fact but one tact.

I was now open to criticism, but not to failure

I accepted the wrong and rectified and kept my work dear.

The world would criticise me anyway

But I still wanted to grow someday.

To grow or not is my choice

They might always stop my voice.


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