The story of one single night that repeats itself a million times.


After the twists and turns, all I was left with

Was another quarrel between a fact and a myth.

Staring at my ceiling with wide eyes

Trying to find answers that the mind already knows, but doesn’t realise.

The thought of not being good enough

The thought of who really cares even if you are good enough.

Who is desperately waiting for you to make mistakes

Who is wanting to have your life in their takes.

The fight of a better you to make you successful

For the world doesn’t want you this way, even if you’re wonderful.

For you really can’t explain and no one can understand

The turbulence inside you or where you stand.

For no one wants to know the difference between

What you feel and what you want to feel. It’s unseen.

Then comes a teardrop reminding you of your serene smile

That everyoneย understands, can’t be there all the while.

A feeling where you’re trying to find

Your worth, your significance, yourself all inside your mind.

And thenย the turbulence turns into a cyclone

Of thinking, more thinking and overthinking all alone.

When all that is remaining is you and yourself

Fighting in a dark space to find your true self.


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