I’ve always felt, that I’ve lived an incomplete life, I’ve left moments unattended, I’ve let time flow without even having a look at it.


Have you ever seen something, beyond the sight of your eyes

Have you ever felt something so magical that it brings tears in your eyes?

Something so beautiful that it overwhelmed you

Something that touched your heart in ways quite few.

I realise, this happens everyday

But because, there’s this reel reality blindfold, we tend to look away.

Who ever finds time to just gaze at the night sky?

The time to just look into someone’s eyes and find the happiness that money can’t buy.

Yes. Money can buy us a lot more and thus we run fast to attain some

But is this race so important that, that’s the only thing we live for? The money sum.

Our lives are shorter than we can even imagine

All we need to do is, begin.

To live a life andΒ be alive to it

To breathe and feel every single breath and complete it.


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