The Right Kind!

So how do you know who’s your right man?


Can love really be judged in any way?
Calculated, measured, or counted in some way?
How do you judge when someone is right for you?
When she is just the one to live with, one for die too.
When you want to hold her close and let her know
That she’s the one or whatever so.
When you want to give her flowers and make her yours
When all you want is the her to be yours?
There was just one way to find my dream man.
To look for him was never a plan.
My dream too wasn’t waiting for some charming prince on a white horse
For no royalty, no young, dark and handsome, no horse.
It waited for someone who’d like me the way I am
The one who’d accept me the way I am.
The one who wouldn’t want to die for me
But someone who’d hold my hand and say, “Live with me”.


3 thoughts on “The Right Kind!

  1. It’s all the game of biology and luck
    No right no wrong
    You reach where you belong
    Change your thoughts
    Change your actions
    Get what you want
    The one you thought as unthinkable at start will be right in your arms.


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