Have you tiptoed ever?


I always tiptoed as a kid

To hide chocolates in my small box without a lid.

I tiptoed to hide during the game of “Hide and Seek”

I wanted to sneak even without a squeak.

And then I grew up where heels replaced my tiptoe

They took away a part of my childhood, being a lifelong foe.

But do you really know tiptoeing wasn’t easy

Rather when I tried it today, I felt quite uneasy.

Those heels had got me into a place of comfort

Stealing away the fun that I had even with all the discomfort.

The way of balancing on toes without making any sounds

The running and turning on toes within no bounds.

But today’s feeling was not the same

And for me this was quite a shame.

I felt I lost the kind of flexibility I had

But sooner or later I realised it wasn’t that bad.

I understood that I enjoyed tiptoeing around

I wasn’t trying to stick to one rule or ground.

It was fun to sneak with a tiptoe than in a heel

It felt good because I liked it, I loved the feel.

Now I thought of adding tiptoe to all parts of my life

Every new thing will be difficult, a tough strife.

But when I enjoy it my feet don’t hurt

But when I just want to master it without any joy, of course it will hurt.

So I’ll do everything like I want to

Why follow the feet of those who just “have to”?


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