I’m confused!


For I really can’t understand, where my mind is

I really don’t understand this thought frizz.

What should I have clarity about?

Why is it wrong if I still have a doubt?

Everything will go to waste,

But I can’t make any decision in haste.

I’m blaming myself, I’m regretting about nothing

What is the courage everyone is talking about? It must be something.

Am I choosing the right path?

I can’t know it before walking it, I can just see one path.

What if it’s all wrong at the end?

Will I be considered wrong too, will I lose all the earned commend?

I might be making a mistake,

But isn’t retake better than applying a brake?

I don’t know what next

I just know I can’t stop here there has to be a next.

I know this is not the right place or time

And I want to do something big and sublime.

There are many names of success

Can I be one too with practice and progress?


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