Missing you is the last thing on my list. Yet,Β I miss you right from the start.


No matter how close to my heart you stay

I know you’re still away.

I wake up hoping to see you lying beside me

I don’t know if I want you or I just want we.

No sort of work keeps your thought away from me

It’s your voice I want to listen to, your face I want to see.

It’s not like there isn’t life or world without you

It’s just that you complete me and I miss you.

It isn’t like I want you here always and forever

But your absence does make me sad however.

For there have been days and nights I’ve spent without you

Though I don’t want anymore of those, I’ll be true.

Yes, I want you close and I want it now

I don’t even think it’s a want, it’s a need somehow.

I need to hug you, to make me feel better

I don’t mind if this is me, I don’t mind being the go getter.

Because, after all you’re my reward and you’re my present

I don’t think anything else will ever affect and I’m being decent.

Distance doesn’t matter when it comes to you

I wish you were here or I was there with you.


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