There are many people who ask me, “What do you get out of writing?”


Is there something in this world that you will do

Even if it’s not your profession, yet you want to.

Writing is something like that for me

It is something that makes me.

Words aren’t something I have to think for

They are a part of me, of my core.

If all of us work hard and in the right direction

We all might have a famous name and a life of perfection.

But this is my life with no wait for tomorrow

I have absolutely no time to borrow.

No matter where I am or what I do

I know there’s something that I will excel at, I will outdo.

Something that has nothing to take from me

It has always given a lot to me.

Something for which I don’t require to make an attempt

Something that does not test me, does not contempt.

It does not make me think about the world

All I have to do is say my word.

It gives me pleasure, it gives me joy

It teaches me so much,Β it has made me brass from coy.

What else do I need from writing, I don’t want a pay

It kisses me everyday and takes my pain away.

It’s not my job, it’s a part of my breath

Not writing, takes me away, much near death.

Do what you like, put your heart into it

I’m sure everything else will fall short to reach the happiness you get from it.


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