Today, I started writing my blog post something like this…


Without much thoughts about what I had to write

Without understanding the wrong and the right.

My fingers fell on the keys of my keyboard

Like this was their vehicle and they just had to aboard.

I was sure, I didn’t want to create an absurd art

I was sure whatever it had to be had to be from my heart.

I knew thinking about what to write wouldn’t work

I also knew I didn’t want to create any kind of murk.

But gradually my words fell into place even before I thought of them

There was absolutely nothing that I wanted to condemn.

I went on typing that my heart was narrating

And soon my senses were so alive as I was comprehending.

I perceived that most of the times we just have to start

And we take the lead right from the start.

Maybe taking the first step without much thought is risk

But that’s the best way to be at brisk.

To take the first step whether big or small

To start at any point after all.

For life keeps moving I haven’t seen it wait

So why are we late to unlock our fate gate.


2 thoughts on “Begin!

  1. Rajesh says:

    You struck the right chord Gudiya. I was thinking of doing the same since last few days.
    Good that you brought it up in the right way.


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