It is always difficult to tackle any kind of adversity at any point of time in life.


No matter how life has been earlier

Or how many hardships we’ve faced.

Every time there’s something to make us worrier

That unknowingly of course, on our plate gets placed.

The human body, mind and soul are quite incredible

We’re trained to tackle the toughest of life’s troubles.

Yet when we face any new hurdle, itΒ is not quite acceptable

And instead of clearing the mess we add ruffles.

The first thing we do is blame ourselves

For all the difficulty and chaos

The next step we take is add on all the bad memories to ourselves

Instead of encouraging the important soul and subtracting the chaos.

Even further, we care about what people have to say

Who have a tendency to judge and put us down

We observe a lot of what they say on our toughest day

To add more of immorality, to borrow sorrow and soon frown.

Not only that, we soon start to worry about things we can’t do

We look for ways to make our obstacles bigger

We create difficulties ourselves too

And cut down on the strength and vigor.

Adversity comes to us because we have the power to deal with it

Give yourself some chances and choices to live

When times are tough, they are best for us to become fit

Just take in some air, so even in hard times you have a smile to give.


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