Every minute, small, tiny minute is important.


At times we don’t understand the value of time

Sometimes we feel it’s not worth a dime.

But isn’t time the only thing we have

The only thing thatย doesn’t halve.

It flows yet remains with us

It’s something that does not change with change thus.

Life is short and time is all we possess

When it might go away from us, one can’t assess.

So I know today how to hold it on

How to hold it close and feel every second of it before it’s gone.

I will do all I can with the minutest minute of my life

I’ve got something so precious, I can return a little too in this life.

I’ll do everything possible to make each moment count

I’ll make each second important and hold it in account.

For when I fall on the deathbed, with no time in my hand

Time itself will acknowledge me for not losing it’s value while I was on land.


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