How often do you feel depressed about the life you’re living?


Have you ever witnessed the consistency of nature?

Something that never stops to nurture.

It has always blossomed for us, each time we’ve cut it down

It never had an excuse or story to make, no dislike or frown.

Have you seen an ant stop, after falling from a giant tree?

Have you seen a bee sit and cry about, losing it’s honey?

The tiniest creature of nature, doesn’t lose faith until terminal

They know that life is always going to be this way, it’s impersonal.

Every fish fights there to be in the sea

Survival of the fittest applies in life of a mosquito too, they don’t just let it be.

Life puts these creatures down, more than it puts us

Yet, they don’t complain, they don’t create fuzz.

They keep continuing, much more obediently than we do

They don’t wait or stop, rather they keep moving until the end too.

They have much shorter life spans and no so called conveniences for sure

And life is yet the best for them, it’s quite pure.

Life does put us down, it hammers continuously

But, it depends on us, how we deal with it meticulously?

Do we sit and cry and wait for solutions to reach automatically?

Or do we get up again, stronger than ever before and ecstatically?


5 thoughts on “Subdued!

  1. This is so right….we don’t just give up cos life is difficult at a particular moment..we the saying in my university..”aluta continua Victoria asserta” meaning ” “the struggle continues, victory is certain”…
    Lovely post Kataria!


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