So I screamed. Maybe I was wrong. I can be right too. But what now?


Sometimes, in anger we do things we shouldn’t

We say words, that we shouldn’t.

Anger is an emotion like others

Like happiness, sorrow, fear and a few others.

When we can’t hide happiness

Then why are we made to believe to keep hidden our unhappiness?

That bit of anger if not released

It makes the bond weak, keeps the love ceased.

It might hurt you the most at first

But it hurts me too the worst.

They say be calm and silent in times of vexation

But then why not be calm too during affection.

We get angry to those who are close to us

And that’s the reason, we expect them to understand thus.

So I didn’t keep calm, I let it out

And I won’t be crying now nor doubt.

We won’t stay days without talking to each other

Rather in a few moments we’ll be back to each other.

I feel, anger doesn’t worsen the situation, the way you take it does

Keeping quiet and being with a close one creates fuzz.

Anger is no form of destruction, it’s just an emotion

Live it, adapt the bitterness. Love will then be a sweeter creation.


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