What comes to your mind first when you read the word “Sorrow”?

Tears? Hatred? Sad Memories?


I always ran from sorrow, from being sad

I’ve always felt tears are bad.

I felt, tears proved that I was weak

I always cried to bed for hours and nights, looking miserably bleak.

Until last night, when I tried to understand about my ache

When I tried to understand why my eyes had tears, why a heartbreak.

It was gloomy, I couldn’t stop crying

I couldn’t understand the pain either, yet I was trying.

I thought deeply about what really had happened

I felt life had literally worsened.

My recent breakdown linked to all the aches of the past

Of course, all sad memories together would result into a tear blast.

At a moment, I felt I was good for nothing

At an instance, I was guilty about actually nothing.

At some point, I even thought of putting my life to an end

At that time I couldn’t notice that it was just a small bend.

But soon I realised I was crying not about what had happened yesterday

Rather my mind was sulking about the tough days that were already away.

I was not just living into past, I would’ve made a decision through it

A decision that could be much more painful, rather even lifeless I admit.

However, I perceived that tears weren’t so bad

I understood that sorrows actually made me glad.

Had there been no tough life, how would I enjoy the easy one?

Had I embraced no sorrows, today I would’ve lost and demise would’ve won.

All the evil comes to mind first when we think of sadness

We feel being sad is painful, makes us weak and close all doors to happiness.

We judge too quickly, even before we understand our pain

Today, I’m so glad to know that sorrow isn’t that vain.


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