Can you work for your aim even without succeeding?


I’ve always seen people talking about their achievement

They never talk about loss the same way, nor about bereavement.

Everyone likes to see Profit in their balance sheets

No one talks about depletes or defeats.

My point is not just about the failure

In fact it lies even further failure.

How many people today

Really work hard enough to earn a name their way?

We almost fail and choose different tracks

None of us are willing to face the attacks or see the impacts.

All we want is fast results

We just want to grow into mature adults.

None try enough again and again to walk on the same path

All they want is leisure, like it’s the footpath.

Our feet might not be so strong to walk this long route

But what’s more important that dream coming true or the repute?

For me it’s my dream. Was, is and will remain

I’ll try a hundred more times even if I fail again.

I will never care if they look down on me

They weren’t in my shoes during the fight, to understand me.

For one day they will have to look up even if not with much regard

Because that day, I will be standing so tall that they will be ashamed on their past disregard.


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