When was the last time someone ran their fingers through the knots of your soul?


I can’t say a word even though I have stories to tell

And you subtly trick me into the games of your love, quite well.

You grab me in the mist of your arms

I don’t know the lead I follow, maybe it’s just the very charms.

I don’t understand if it’s magic or you create some kind of fantasy

I don’t realise if I’m sobbing or are these tears of ecstasy.

I can’t perceive from where you come and where you go

You’ve become a part of my soul or whatever so.

I see you in my dreams, you’re around when I wake

Listen love, please take a quick break?

You run through my breath and my heart runs around with pleasure

I know now you know the knack, stop stealing the treasure.

You’ve cleared my doubts, my sorrows you’ve taken away

What is it that remains that you still want anyway?

Tell me and you’ll have it, your plots and skills are maddening

Your making my vision and dreams come true, I don’t know what’s happening.

Your fingers play with my hair and they’ve opened the knots of my soul

Come on Sweetheart, tell me now, what’s your goal?


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