Until this very moment I was following the world. From this moment the world will follow me.


From the very first day of school

We were taught by a set of rules on schedule.

From A for Apple to today Fundamental Principles

We even have been asked to learn the already set sub principles.

I wouldn’t say the educational books or the systems are incorrect

But they somewhere shape our minds to follow something already checked.

We feel scared to experiment, to try, to design

We all follow a set goal, something define.

The fear of unaccomplishment, failure or non acceptance is constantly on our minds

Sometimes the concrete applied rule too reminds.

I feel the world is waiting for invention and innovation

And we shouldn’t hide ourselves behind some explanation.

My hands might not be able to hold onto the right posture

Yet they might depict something more beautiful than the previous posture.

The power of creation is for all and not just for some professional who once just tried

It is for all who might have failed a thousand times and cried.

It is for someone like me who has the courage to create a dream

I don’t want to follow the famous painter’s pallet or any colour scheme.

If I am here to write, I am capable of writing my destiny

For if I don’t write mine, I will just be helping someone else fulfilling their dream destiny.


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