Make A Note!

Albert Einstein did not have Google to help him prove the Theory of Relativity.


The world developed through resources

And it’s an absolute pleasure to see the growing world because of these resources.

I don’t say, the use of them is bad in simple words

But I really feel, using them is a division of us in two worlds.

We all move with pace with this fast moving technology

We’ve left evolution behind with a generation that’s growing with more than just biology.

Life has become a click away I feel

I’m sitting here with phones talking and lips on a seal.

Watching her become intelligent but does it matter today?

We have apps, not even news papers to learn today anyway.

Dad always said, “Excess is bad!”

I grew up like him and I’m glad.

Because in this world that’s not following dreams but just running around

You can’t really explain that amount of excess while you’re on the same ground.

The point is, today I know my growth can’t rely on research

It depends on me, my hard work and my primitive search.


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