There have been many a times when I just go blank.


“Have you ever faced a situation when you don’t know what to write?”

People ask. Of course I do, there are even times when I can’t understand if what I’m writing is right.

There are times when I can’t understand my next step

Times when my pencil isn’t moving the way I want it to, leading to a misstep.

Sometimes I cry because a blank expression or mind doesn’t let me dance

So many times, I’ve also missed a chance.

But honestly, this blank thought has improved me

It has got me to a place, where I always wanted to be.

To a higher level of growth and mindfulness

To a level of composure and happiness.

Every time earlier I went blank it frustrated me

It stopped me from doing what I wanted to do, stopped me from being me.

However today, I love it when this blank thought strikes me

It moves my barriers away, it makes me free.

It’s like a white glorious morning sky to fly

A new path, new road not taken, to explore and not wry.

A blank canvas to paint your mind out on it

Or a blank window to write what the heart says, not necessarily fit.

Sometimes it’s good to be blank and feel the emptiness

It’s wonderful to be silent and hear a soul talk in steadiness.


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