Living with the same fear? Playing the same game? Living the same life?


“I’m scared!” I screamed at him.

“You’ll always remain!” dad replied and left me alone at my life brim.

He had never done that before

He was always beside for less or more.

Today, I saw a different him. It broke my heart to pieces.

I cried days and nights, my moral was on a graph of decreases.

Maybe he cried too, I knew he couldn’t have left me

But what else could he do, the fault was in me.

I was alone, standing right there, frozen I guess

I wouldn’t care about anyone else, but dad wasn’t there in my access.

In those days, I was a small reflection of him I believe

He knew me in and out, my strength, my sigh of relieve.

He was a mirror reflection that improved me from level zero

He wasn’t just an inspiration, he was my all time favourite hero.

Maybe I was his heroine, I was his star

That’s how I grew up, so far.

Yet, I needed him there, right there before me

My eyes were burning with tears, he was the only one I wanted to see.

All that lingered in my mind was his voice

And to get him back was my only choice.

He always said, “There’s nothing like ‘can’t’

The ‘T’ is your focus, knock it down. For my daughter no one can haunt.”

I knew that was the only way to get him back

So the rain washed away the tears and I was back.

I fought hard, I faced my fears, I struggled to reach his set goal

But he was waiting right there for me with his heart and soul.

It’s that day and today, I don’t own fears anymore

In fact it’s fun to do things that I’m scared of all the more.


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