Enjoy the imperfections. They’re really worth it.


I’ve always wanted to be perfect.

Perfect hair, perfect dress, in every aspect.

Not just the way I looked, but even my behaviour

Sometimes perfection was also a saviour.

However, I’ve always tried harder to be better

I always wanted to make my work better.

I was never happy with the kind of work I did

I alwaysย covered it with my “Not good” lid.

No matter what I achieved, or how good I was

I was never happy with it because of my perfection laws.

But somewhere today I understand

That perfection is not the real place to stand.

My story changed because of the difficulty

I moved ahead because of mistakes and improved skilfully.

The imperfections described who I was

Perfection just explained me as a clause.

My failures would shape me, not my successes

The hurt yet strong heart makes it valuable in later accesses.

The beauty of our life story rises because of ourย drops

One never cares where it started or where it stops.

But something that makes it worth living

Is the fall, the mistake, the imperfection, the re-living.

So hold it tight, don’t let go

Embrace your imperfections, whatever so.


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