Live To Live!

Do you live to live?

Live to live.jpg

So, basically there are two ways to live life.

Trust me choosing one is general, quite a rife.

Yet, most of us make the wrong choice

The rest maybe don’t have an opinion to voice.

One way of living is to inhale and exhale

And the other way of living is to live, which is quite the tale.

You might ask what is the difference? Right?

Aren’t both equal, same, exact? What’s the fight?

Well, when we inhale and exhale, we don’t realise

That time keeps flowing, life keeps moving, nothing to idealise.

While when we live to live

We sense every breath, we have something to take and something to give.

In this world where, result matters the most

We forget to live the journey to get there almost.

The hard work does the work, but who lived it?

I think we were busy thinking about the future prize while doing it.

The journey might be more rejoicing than the destination

But we don’t care enough, we just want to get there, by mere temptation.

The practice sessions, the early morning jogs, the stupid silly jokes

Are the best pieces of my painting, the best strokes.

The high fives, the hugs and the breaking on the sofa after a long day

Will be missed most in the tough life way.

The award ceremony, the stage performance, the exam scores

Won’t be sweet memories in old age, when there’s not much to laugh about, behind closed doors.


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