Today, I learned something really valuable.


We all have a strong belief in something or the other

For some trust truly in God and some have their beliefs other.

But how many of us trust in ourselves completely?

How many of us remain loyal to ourselves faithfully?

“I’ll wake up early tomorrow and exercise.”

Empty promises we always make to the heart without paying any excise.

We keep running from committing to oneself

Yet we promise to stay loyal with the world around, above the own self.

We make mistakes and withdraw from the responsibility of accepting

We miss out on opportunities and forget about it, for it’s relaxing.

Why can’t we take charge of our lives?

Or every mishap that arrives and everything that life deprives?

Of every little step and every little fall

Of every growth and every break down as life takes the call.

Maybe life takes it’s own turns, maybe your path is much more tough

But life is ours right? It’s our duty to smoothen the road that’s rough.

My dreams are large and I am responsible for their fulfilment

For every little breath I inhale, I will live by my commitment.


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