A piece of motivation developed through inspiration.


After months of lazing around and reacting with my own pace

I understood that my work would just remain on ground space.

Procrastination always reflected in my writings

While there was absolutely no improvement in any of the sightings.

One fine day, maybe as a new month resolution

I tried to practice and improve my creation.

The motive was to write each and everyday

Success or failure didn’t matter anyway.

No matter whether time permitted or not

No matter how the weather was, cool or hot.

No matter where I was, holiday or routine

I had to stick to the chain and not break this new routine.

Success and proficiency follows practice

It doesn’t matter how your work is that day, what matters is you practice.

It’s important to do the same work for your desired result each day

Doesn’t matter if your good, bad or worse at it, that day.

It’s important to commit, to small achievable goals

And not work endlessly and give up one day because you can’t fulfil your own goals.

Tears do stream when there aren’t many views or likes

But when work flourishes, it becomes a habit of daily lives.

A successful athlete, artist or businessman

Is a man of regularity and that should be the plan.

Success follows the lead of people who are unique

They deliver consistently while others just drop down or become weak.

Forget what you might lose in the struggle or how much you will gain

Just remember one thing, do not break the chain.


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