Back Breaking?

What can one do when everything seems to fall apart? When there seems no way out?

Back Breaking.jpg

When bricks of the house fall at our feet

Or the heart can’t handle anymore grudge heat.

Those are truly the best times of our life

While most of us, try to get rid and get fastened in that strife.

I know it’s not easy to face difficult situations

But trying to stick with the pain are better curations.

Don’t we all run from it all the while it attacks

None of us stay there patiently and understand the cracks.

We all want a quicker healing, a betterment, a cure

But none are willing to accept it, the way it is, so pure.

What do you do when the closest friend starts punching your back

You remain right? Firm and not quit the track?

Then why do life situations become a foe?

We can stay firm and strong with them too and let it go.

Difficult times are the real and best times of your lives

Enjoy each breath, the strength, the patience and evolve from everything that arrives.

Sometimes benefits are on the way of the aching

Stay calm even if the back is breaking.


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