Have you ever had the feeling of a great sleep and a great rise? A wonderful break? The experience of a beautiful dawn? I just had one.


It’s been a week

At times I was feeling weak.

I felt I was away from myself

But this break brought me closer to myself.

The experience of being away from what I loved doing

Made me understand about important roles my life was playing.

I was being admired as the person I had become

Yet I was getting inspired to work towards what I want to become.

A break brought me closer to family, to friends

A break that seemed like it had no ends.

I learnt the meaning of love, the value of respect

I learnt to look from a different aspect.

I learnt that smiles did most of the work

But tears too were something marvellous, nothing to lurk.

A break has got me to a place where I know what’s next

Even if life is a tough test.

I want to accept challenges, I want to face fears

I want to embrace every thing that appears.

I want to do something that scares me in and out

I want to make it large, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

And so I will, because I want to

I will, it is the perfect time to.

Laugh endlessly, love unconditionally

And live the life that’s mine, passionately.


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