Sometimes tough things can give unimaginable results.


It’s not always easy to forgive,

Sometimes to forget too we can’t give.

Often it’s not easy to ask for forgiveness too

Today I found a super simple way to get me through.

To forgive and forget, to give and get is not that hard

To love and get loved to respect and keep regard.Β 

To sail and not build grudge bridges

To prepare and prevent rather than curing with painful syringes.

I woke up today morning and called up my friend

With a sleepy voice at her end.

She might have cried all night

Because of all the fight.

No matter if it was her fault or mine

I had to say, “I’m sorry and I love you.” to make it fine.

She said sorry too and all the pain was released

So much more love got increased.

Yes it was difficult to slumber

It was further difficult to dial her number.

We hurt the people we love

But we also love them from inside and above.


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