Tick Tick Tick..!

The most important thing is we’ve come to go. Right?


Time is ticking and it’s quite fast
Yet we all wait for a hearty attack or a blast.
To make us realise that this body isn’t really eternal
Nothing at all will remain except a name that’s external.
We forget that we’ve come here to go
We forget that next time there won’t be time or whatever so.
We give it time to heal but we really don’t need to
All we need to do is live and everything will heal through.
There’s really no time for that anger or frustration
It’s a small life that had one celebration and will end at one cremation.
Each minute means so much
Then why we let it go, in this haste such?
Don’t calculate the distance, enjoy the journey
Maybe there isn’t much time to behave sternly.


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