“I’ll be here always.” he said.


Life always makes new roads for us

But, I feel it depends on our consideration thus and thus.

Doesn’t it always ask, “Where are you leading to?”

Doesn’t it always enquire before leading a way through?

I always have been stubborn about my decisions and my paths

And more or less these were tough but they were the right paths.

Even today, I set my priorities before anyone has a take on them

Yes, if they have to change, I adapt. There isn’t a feeling of condemn.

But life is now right, wherever I am

No future will be known and why talk about the water that’s over the dam.

So, the preference is right here, right now

Nobody is always busy, it’s just priority somehow.

It depends on us, we get to choose

For me it’s as simple as choosing my shampoos.

So even if you’re always here and I know

I won’t want this moment, this time to go.

Work is important but not more than you

Let me choose my path, even if the other has much more to do.

Precedences are what we make, life doesn’t

Then why is it really a pain to choose the most important one out of a dozen.


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