Prevention Or Cure?

Most of us wait for all the dangerous things to happen first.

Prevention Or Cure.jpg

“Wait for it to happen really, why do you wanna prepare now?”

I don’t get this mindset, somehow.

So wait for the tsunami and then make your boats

Wait for the thunderstorm, then buy your coats.

We all teach our kids, “Prevention is better than cure.”

And trust me, I feel the kids today are far more mature.

They understand the scarcity of water and do what we should do

At their age that is a great issue.

While we here invite strives and fights to our doorstep

And then we think of dealing with them, that’s our first step.

We know we have a weak heart

But who cares about it from the start.

Let the problem rise, we’ll face it in the right time

And what will be the “Right Time” when there’s really no time?

Think of it now, before it’s too late

Think of life now, before life chooses your gate.

Choose your step, prevention or cure?

Think about it, don’t behave so obscure.


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