We don’t really understand the human being sometimes.


The first value my dad ever taught me

Was “Give and Take” as and how you be.

For so many years I did not understand the logic

But sometimes it was really magic.

Giving mom a small peck got me her broad smile

But then I grew up with this world inΒ a cruel percentile.

Where love, affection, compassion were just in story books

The real world was spoiling the broth with too many cooks.

Ultimately, today I understand dad was so right

In fact his another theory said, “Love could even melt any fight.”

So that was it, I decided I wouldn’t punish anyone

I wouldn’t hate for being hated or for being punished in return.

To give love and compassion absolutely did the job

My staff would rather leave me had I scolded them for their job.

The best way was to love more

It kept me calm too, till the core.

People improved, they found their identity

They were loved rather than being treated like some entity.

Giving more love, got me new lives

Isn’t love really what the world deprives.

We go on wrong paths because of lack of compassion not stress

Let’s create lives and not subjects to address.

Your child made a mistake today?

Love him more, that is what will form the right way.


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