I’d rather go back to sleep.


Isn’t this our latest life story

Our day is more of a dread than some glory.

We certainly hate the work we do

We try to ignore it too.

Life has become so fast and maddening

That no hugs or kisses seem to be relaxing.

We don’t look forward to the coming day

Rather we pray at night that the morning stays a little away.

Everyone around seems to be in an extreme state of stress

There’s nothing happy at all to address.

Even parties seem like some meeting to attend

The hugs, kisses, broad smiles are just a pretend.

What really needs change is not the habit of staying in bed

What requires change actually is the way we look ahead.

I never really hit the snooze because I wanted to sleep more

I hit the lazy button because I hated my life to the core.

That’s where it struck me, strong and hard

Choose the path you like, life might always remain hard.

Wake up to a life that’s yours, designed by you, for you

Not by an alarming boss, who tells you how to dress up too.

Wake up to bake cookies, or to dance around with kids

Wake up for the loving husband, kiss him on the eyelids.

Wake up to make those dreams come true

Wake up for a life that’s new.

Wake up for yourself, for this day might turn into a glory

Who knows which page of our life book itself is a story.

Hitting the snooze button is not really a habit

It’s a saviour from a life that’s testing us bit by bit.

We live everyday, we die once

Then why hit the snooze button in abundance?


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