Until today I felt veins were just tubes that circulated blood in my body. But today I understood their work system was of further importance.


Joyous, sad, hurt, frustrated, demeaned or nervous

I don’t know how the paintbrush moved on the canvas.

I couldn’t understand the mood I was in all day long

I couldn’t understand where I was right and where I was wrong.

Sometimes we react like a reflex action

Something hit you hard so you had an equal and opposite action.

But sometimes reactions turn much harder than actions

It just happens in a matter of fractions.

Sometimes we don’t want to believe that we are wrong

Whatever it is, don’t tell me, “I am wrong.”

Maybe we really aren’t too

Yet, stretching an argument further for this, is stupid too.

All day long I shifted from broad smiles, to silent cries to loud yells

Nonetheless all I remember really is the sobs to bed, even if today the day ending excels.

Because, that was the feeling I was in

And who really knows why and what’s going on within.

So I understood what my veins were assigned to do

They flowed the feeling across with my blood too.

Drowsy, tired, lazy and miserable I felt

SinceΒ that was exactly what my heart inside felt.

The feeling didn’t change my mood did

It just reacted on things coming up and added.

It wasn’t my fault at all maybe

But to scream and yell at that moment, in that feeling, was quite assigned to me.

A feeling changes only when the other overpowers

For that we should take charge of our inner powers.

Feelings might not leave us instantaneously

But moods depend on us completely.

Embrace your feelings don’t hide them

But, don’t let them rule, just take time and understand them.


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