So sometimes just a small break is required.


We don’t always need to drop those precious tears
We don’t always have to ignore the fears.
We don’t always have to run away
Sometimes we just have to stay.
So I fought, I cried, I got scared, I ran away
But that was an old story, it’s not the same today.
Today I just stay calm and breathe
I don’t hide the feelings but I let them embrace me and I concede.
I do what I like to do, sing, dance, sway
I call my friends who would take my sorrow away.
I take a walk, I listen to music
I go and read a book in my attic.
Life is slow, that’s how it becomes long
If we react in instants how will we become strong?
So I go slow and I take long breaths in abundance
Why leave a life of everyday for dying once?


3 thoughts on “Breathe!

  1. A man of wit someday said this to me and you say this too. I see you have taken the path of self realization after a metamorphosis. You speak words of wisdom and maturity.

    What is that something that brought about this change ?


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