Beauty isn’t about a pretty face. It’s all about a pretty mind, an alluring heart and a beautiful soul.

The BEAUTIFUL World!.jpg

The urge to look delightful has been rising

Whereas, the world doesn’t feel beautiful anymore. It’s surprising!

We never consider health to be a great source of beauty

While we keep running for glam magazines to do the duty.

We never realise the importance of who we are

With the blindfold of following a trend that keeps changing every hour.

Empowerment today we feel is a great wardrobe or making up kits

While that’s not really the truth in fact it changes and breaks us into bits.

Confusing self-belief with our looks is what we usually do

When we look better, we gain confidence, while that’s not the right way to look through.

At the beginning of giving up products might make us cranky

But trust me, to feel what we are, to look how we are. Is the best of all frankly.

I think just inner beauty does all the work

If I feel great, healthy and balanced there’s absolutely nothing to lurk.

I become a person of a million smiles

A person who isn’t scared to walk for miles.

Try it. To be just yourself without any barriers or filters

To wake up with bad hair, yet smile to bed and lie absolutely peaceful on quilters.


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